Company Profile

G-Tek Scientific Ltd was established in 1976 in Hong Kong and its branch company G-Tek Scientific (Shenzhen) Ltd was established in 2006.

Our main business is associated primarily in Semiconductor, especially in Electronic Component. And in this field, we were concerned with the technology research, production and trade of Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) and Visible Light Sensor. Which were most operate in monitoring equipment, LED display, camera, mobile phone, lighting, and digital toys.

Light Dependent Resistor was our featured product for years, and we have gained many stable clients all over the world. Since EU RoHS Directive issued by European Union in 2002, Light Dependent Resistor was listed as banned substances for its cadmium content. We started the R&D of the substitute products, and have developed a series of Visible Light Sensor successfully in the beginning of 2006. Which were not only the replace of Light Dependent Resistor, but also more wide useful.

Till now, much more products have been added into our best sales. Such as Occupancy Sensor, LED-RGB, Photo Transistor, Pressure Sensor, smoke sensor, PIR Sensor, etc.
Our company goal for the years ahead will be aimed at the development of environmental friendly and Energy Saving component and Consumer products.
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