Security Cameraa


         Light sensor IC is an electronic component operates in infra-red camera to percept the intensity of light. When light becomes strong, the infra-red light will be closed. Then the camera will switch to take photograph in colors. While the light becomes weak, it is the reverse that infra-red light will be opened and photograph will be taken in black and white. This IC will operate automatically reacting to light intensity, thus is an energy saving product. The internal dark current enables high accuracy over The full temperature range even at low light levels and with the sensitivity near the human eye photopic response.




1) The shorter lead is the positive.
2) Current is at 0.15uA per lux
3) Vcc is at 12v
4) Current=light intensity x(mA per lux).the output current can be converted to a voltage by connecting it in series with a resistor.
5) The position of installation and reflection of light will affect the ic greatly.
6) This is an analogue device with very linear light response range


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