Visible Light Sensor


Test illustration

1) The shorter lead is the positive
2) Current is at 0.15uA per lux
3) Vcc is at 12v
4) Current=light intensity x(mA per lux).the output current can be converted to a voltage by connecting it in series with a resistor
5) The position of installation and reflection of light will affect the ic greatly
6) This is an analogue device with very linear light response range


●  RoHS compliant and complete CdS replaceable

●  High IR rejection(built in TR filter,better than blue glass)

●  Near human eye photopic response

●  Integrated high gain photo-current amplifier

●  Dark-current cancellation 

●  Temperature stable


●   Dawn/dusk sensing

●   Security lighting ( surveillance camera)

●   Car Rear View Camera

●   Baby monitor

●   LCDDisplay backlighting in laptops, mobile phones, LCD TVs

●   Night-lights/ Solar-lawn lamps/street lights

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